Mike Roden - Executive Director

Mike has been the Executive Director of the AMRV RC&D since 2011. He served as the AMRV RC&D Coordinator with the NRCS for 22 years, implementing  natural resource conservation projects on hundreds of farms and ranches. Mike has delivered Environmental Education programs to children across the state and assisting 24 schools in planning their outdoor education classrooms. He has been recognized as the 1999-2000 National USDA-NRCS Civil Rights Award winner for Delivering Environmental Education programs and materials to Minorities, Hispanics. Mike has introduced and implemented many innovative concepts including the WaterWorks Center for Environmental Educaiton, planting Power Line Right of Ways for wildlife to reduce utility maintenance, animal waste nutrient recycling and relocation,  on-site sewage wetlands for rural businesses, the use of recycled newspaper for poultry house litter and small farm Rainwater Collection.


Renona Seibert - Programs Manager

Renona is responsible for grant tracking and office management. Renona tracks and manages grant integrity on over 24 projects per year for the AMRV-RC&D Council. Prior to joining the AMRV RC&D tam, Renona co-owned and managed retail garden center for 12 years in Morgan County where she introduced and implemented water and energy conservation practices pertaining to greenhouse growing. She has also partnered actively in a 200 year old family cattle farm in Madison County. In 2013 Renona was named National Association of RC&D Employee of the Year for her tireless efforts and expert management.


Jared Carter - Projects Manager

Jared Carter serves as projects manager for AMRV RC&D and Education Manager with WaterWorks Center for Environmental Education. He is educated with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University. He co-manages the Alabama Renewable Energy Assessment
Program and serves as the Tennessee River Facilitator for the Alabama Clean Water Partnership. He also volunteers as the Huntsville Chapter chair and VP for Membership for the Alabama Hiking Trail Society to achieve their goal of a state-wide long-distance trail system.